Holistic approach


If psychiatrists took a more broad and holistic approach, listened better, then chances are they would help people more. Lost opportunities are costly. Time cannot be reversed.


My current psychiatrist does not push excessive amounts of medication on her patients, I do find this refreshing.
She pretty much takes on a holistic approach - more so than my first couple of psychiatrists


This is a result of an excessive focus on neurobiology, at the expense of environment (culture, family, drug-use, trauma, upbringing, etc).


i have to say the help i am getting is awesome…
i see a clinical psychologist and have a shrink if i get desperate which has happened only once…
so pretty happy with the care i get.
take care :alien:


I’ve had a couple of great shrinks that really had an all around approach to treatment. I just found out that the best shrink I ever had might be returning to town. If she does, I’ll be the first in line.