Holidays...this year

anyone travling by plane on holidays this year

Maybe New york or las vegas for new years! If I get my normal state of being back. What about you?


October trip got called off. Seems my whole family is strapped for cash. Aside for my sisters. They the golden ones.

One of my buddies is in the army and makes it back into the state about once a year. It’s not much of a trip. 2.5 hrs in the car for a day or two.

Still new years in Wichita beats new years in Lawrence.

Nope… family all lives close… enjoying the stress free of no travel.

Was talking to that friend today.

“Hey we should go to Mass on Christmas.”
“Dude I don’t want to go to church.”
“No I mean Mass street.”

Both got a laugh out of that miscommunication.

Guess I won’t be going to wichita either.

@waterway, i hope to travel to the south of portugal. i was there before . i am bringing me son Cameron this time

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@waterway i like u

aww you’re the sweetest. :strawberry: I’m not looking for anything though. I hope you enjoy portugal with your son.

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ok thanks for understanding me

i really fancy u waterway

I haven’t been on a plane for over 4 years, but I think I’m going to florida this christmas.

I would’ve thought he meant massachusettes :laughing:

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