Holiday guilt

Im finding it difficult to enjoy the holiday. Ive known too many people whove been homeless, mentally ill, drug addicted, etc. and im just thinking about the people who dont have the privilege of spending the holiday with a loving family.

This is the hardest time of year to be in a situation like that because people are too fixated on themselves, on their immediate family, on spending all their money to spoil their children and themselves. People waste the most money on excessive pleasures during christmas time and seeing that stuff really makes me feel existential.

It’s probably some form of survivor’s guilt. Ive been on the edge too many times and ive always had someone who pulls me back at the last minute. Ive lucked out on some really great and selfless friends who know how to help people, and ive lucked out on a great clinic that’s covered by my insurance. A lot of people dont have that and i feel like a lot of them deserve it more than i do.

It might also be because i live in one of the roughest cities in north america and have to see misery of all flavors every time i go outside.

Maybe this will go away when i get my medicine. Does anyone else here struggle with holiday guilt?

Perhaps donating to a cause you are sympathetic to might ease your guilt. I dunno.

You have actually inspired me to make a donation. I am going online to look for the best way to make a holiday donation. Maybe “toys for tots”? I dunno, haven’t decided yet.

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I donated for this exact reason. I feel happy and fulfilled.


You, my friend, are a prince among men :crown:.

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Unicef might be another good one.

The “holidays” pass me by with no ill effects. It’s just been soooo many years without any ahem celebration that it rolls off me like water off a ducks back :duck:. I observe this time of year for my own reasons in my own way. Being without media makes it much easier to ignore.

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I wish i could but im unemployed right now and need to save every cent. Ive known people who i wish i could have helped more than i could and still feel guilty about it. Some are dead, some might be still alive.

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Yeah, you’re right, sounds like survivors guilt. Look at it this way, you probably also know a bunch of people who got helped who deserve it less than you. So it all evens out.

It’s not something I worry about much. I’ve had so many bad Christmases that I’m okay with it when things go right and I can enjoy myself.

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I donated to them about a month ago. I am in a quandary about where I place my donations. There is plenty of suffering in the United States, in the ghettos and whatnot, but I think the suffering is greater in places like Yemen, where they are on the verge of famine. What drew me in is those advertisements overseas rescue groups would put out saying, “Thirty-five cents could save this child’s life.” It seems like my money would go further, would do more good, overseas. I occasionally donate to stateside charities. I get lots of solicitations for donations because I checked a little box that gave them permission to share my name on their mailing lists. There is no way I could donate to them all.

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Yes, I get my fair share of solicitations as well. Like you said, it is difficult to decide who to give your money to, there are so many to choose from. I am actually not a fan of the solicitations. I am much more likely to go donate on my own than I am to entertain doing so because of a person calling me or sending me stuff in the mail.

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