Holiday conversation with the in laws


them: how is work?

me: I don’t work, I sit on my ass and draw disability. o im schizophrenic, im paranoid and I hallucinate. haven’t killed anybody yet though.

prepping myself for thanksgiving, usually its the females who pry, the guys don’t say ■■■■, they eat and watch television.


That sucks. I hope it goes fast for you. :fish::fish::fish:


yes hopefully it will just be a slight moment of discomfort, followed by me sitting on the couch and watching the time pass.

thank you @GrayBear


I didn’t know you were married. Congratulations.


sorry to confuse @TomCat . you’re right im not married. I meant my brother in law and all his family will be at the thanksgiving dinner tonight. mostly his sisters and my old hs crush who is related to his sister by marriage. they are just being friendly when they ask me my business I guess, but it’s an uncomfortable conversation for me.


Females do ask questions. Sometimes I can see it in my dads face when he’s tired of questions. He’s just patient though.


How much time do you have left? :wolf::wolf::wolf:


Yeah I often feel uncomfortable around meeting new people in around family because I don’t want to tell them what my situation is anymore. So I am saying I know what you mean.


well I survived. just got home. nobody asked me nothing. I sat and watched the football game with my brother in law’s dad. he’s a nice guy. back to normal now.


Good for you. Glad to hear you made it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


good to hear @Boogaloo…we don’t have thanksgiving in Ireland…but im already preoparing small talk for Christmas…


that’s a good idea to prepare in advance. I didn’t think much about what to say. me and glenn talked about sports and watched the game, mostly he talked to my dad.

I did tell my sister about my Medicaid thing…she said “we all have hardships” or something like that. I was just talking openly about my meds and stuff with her.


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