Holding your breath reduces voices?

I notice that if i hold my breath, to make it impossible to speak or ‘sub vocalize’, all voices, visions, and involutary movements reduce influence to the point of even dissappearing?

Have you noticed this? Give it a try.


I guess its true that the same brain regions that control hallucinations are the speech centers.

Thats not healthy even if it works

I use to take a bath and lean back with my ears under water that helped

Well the point is not to hold your breath. But to stop the muscles of the throat from moving when we speak silently. Called inner speech. That should stop the voices. To prove that they are just illusions of the heart.

They are in the brain 100%

No, it doesn’t work for me and this is honestly just silly.


As far as this idea is concerened, don’t hold your breath


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