Holding on

Insects i hate them. I wouldn’t harm a fly or anything but im afraid.
Im sinking deeper into this agoraphobia business its really got a grip, i don’t want to go anywhere anymore its just not worth the price of pain
I feel my life isn’t very good i suffer

The insects fly more from the south towards the north
I was fuming with hubby before he pushed me to my limit i was ready to quit
I can’t cope with anything my breathing is stessed i can’t relax. I dont want to live here i don’t feel happy ever

I should never have left hospital i could breathe there, everything was minimal and organised, i was happy there

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Same i was recently in the hospital for 5 days. I needed it.

You and hubby need to sit down and work things out. Seriously.

I went through a sort of agoraphobia phase about 5 years ago. I thought if I went outside I would be framed for a crime and put in jail, so I just hid inside all the time like a turtle. I was lucky that my mom dragged me out of the house often, but the only real way to get over this is to say “this misery has to stop. I’d rather be dead than live like this” and just go outside. Expose yourself to others. Put yourself into crowded situations. Just get comfortable being outside your comfort zone. Good luck. When you’re ready you’ll get out of the house. It’s up to you when that is.

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I can’t cope with him
He makes a mess he’s clumsy
Hes good at general knowledge recital but hopeless at common sense and talking

I can’t breathe, i feel trapped :pensive:
He won’t go, ive nowhere to go
Hospital was best place for me
But the nurses get sick of you after a year, :laughing: they get real sick of you
Ahh well guess im stuck

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i am so sorry you feel that way…must be hard for you…sorry.

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hope this helps :slight_smile:


@crazydiamond444 @Kxev @jukebox

My parents are coming lunchtime to see me i think this will help they are taking me out for an hour.
Hubby been spending late last night and this morning with me trying to talk
I have meltdowns where i feel trapped sometimes. It really helps venting it before my head would explode

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Did you ever try breath control?

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