Hold the presses. A life changing event

I Bought a hot/cold thermos to go in my brand new lunch box. I tried it out for the first time just now. It works! I’m at lunch eating hot chili. No more p & j or tuna sandwiches that I have been eating for years.

I love it!


Hot chili eh? Fancy!

But what if you want to keep hot things hot and cold things cold at the same time? Do you just pour both in and shake it up? I suppose that’s what happens in our stomachs.

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Yaay! Glad it’s working out for you!

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Actually, I have an answer to that. I can have a hot meal and a cold drink with the
16 oz. insulated cup that my sister’s boyfriend gave me for Christmas.


oh nice =D
sounds like good lunch too! i’d like to eat that too…


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