Hola, una imágen


Hola @Emiliano que paso?


Silent afternoon, do you go out on weekends?


Not really. If I want to go somewhere, it’s the store, the gym, or to get some money.


What is it like living where you are?


I don’t go out often, only to buy cigarettes and a few other stuff. I stay much of the day in my room, i cook, eat, sleep, draw and hang on different chat apps. :vampire:


You can go far with your art dude. That’s some good stuff. I might be able to introduce you to someone that can get you connected.


:open_mouth: sounds exciting, from where?


She is from Florida and also an artist. She is really cool. I think you two would get along great. Do you have discord?


No, i don’t know discord, should i download the app?


Not necessary unless you are on a phone. If you are on a computer you can go to


I’m on the app as Emiliano


Are you Darth Vader?




I keep getting a darth vader guy…try looking for me.



Emiliano #7440, can you add me?


go here and i will add you from there. it’s an invite to zeno’s gaming server


Was up @Emiliano…still sleeping…


Hola @far_cry0 ! How are you?


Hello my man i still love you drawings brother bear


What time is it there? Here 6:29