Hobbies and Collections

I used to use alot of guitar tabs but kinda find it more fun to play by ear

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I enjoy drawing painting when I’m in a good mood or got caffeine in my system. I also enjoy walking around town or in our local park when I’m in a good mood. Swimming is good too but ■■■■■■■■ lockdown makes that a no. Right now I’m searching for jobs as my main preoccupation. Also preparing for interviews which is really hard to do cos I have so little amazing evidence of achievements at work.


I’ve heard the T2i was worthy. I’ve got a large collection of retro and antique cameras, mostly in storage right now. Miss having a home with the space to display them. I compromised on space by donating the higher end darkroom kit to some historical museums, but the cameras stayed with me.


Yeah, I have a Bilbo figure and a Frodo figure on my coffee table.


I collect games and game systems as in paper and pencil type games. I don’t really get a chance to play them but I like to read game rules and like tactical and most wargames and rpg’s. I had a really good collection that I gave away when I was coming down off psychosis. Boy did I regret that later.

So these days I try to keep it to a couple of games so have D&D, warhammer 40k and flames of war. Found a local game club and hope to play 40k there when I have enough money to field a playable list.


I don’t really collect tangible things but I have a quite a few interests and hobbies. Like: practicing piano, yoga, prayer and meditation on a regular, frequent basis. Also reading, studying Spanish per app, cooking, attending Mass or watching it on YouTube during covid 19. This website. Volunteering when covid is over.


CDs, books, Weirdly enough crystals at one point, used to sand and polish them into shapes… Gave them to my mother.


The forum turned out to be good tool to pass time. I listen to the radio or watching youtube. My hobby is still smoking, i love it. I collect coins and books of my interest.



  1. Vinyl Records
  2. Comic Books
  3. Tobacco Pipes


  1. Smoking Tobacco Pipes
  2. Smoking Cigars
  3. Video Games
  4. Reading
  5. Listening to Music
  6. Various Board and Other Games
  7. Dabble in Languages
  8. Watching Docs and Movies
  9. Didgeridoo and Flutes
  10. Birding
  11. Reading, Memorizing and Writing Poetry