Ho hum. I'm bored so here's a joke

A woman is sitting on a bench waiting for the bus with several other people. The bus arrives and a line forms to go up the steps onto the bus. The women is wearing a very tight dress and when it comes her turn to get inside the bus, her dress is so tight that it prevents her from getting aboard.

So she teaches behind her back to discreetly to pull down the zipper on the back of her dress to loosen it so she can navigate the steps. So she tries again to board the bus but it’s still too tight so she reaches behind once again but it was still too tight. She tries again but then all of a sudden the man waiting in line behind her puts his hand around her waist and gently lifts her onto the bus and then pats her on her rear.

She is shocked and she turns around and says to him indignentlly “How dare you touch me like that, I don’t even know you”.

The man replies, “Well, after the third time you unzipped my pants I thought that we were getting to be pretty good friends”.


lol! :grinning: