Hmmm, if zombies were real

I’d film them and make a documentary about them and The Grateful Dead. I’d call it, “Night of the Living Deadheads.”


haha. Grateful Dead. Only band I never could get into and I tried so hard! I think it was due to me not being on acid whilst trying to listen to them! It just wasn’t any good in my personal opinion and so many people liked them and spoke them up!

Always liked the British psychedelic bands like Pink Floyd. That really spoke to me as a young male and it wasn’t bad music!

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Oh no please, zombies is the scariest thing in the world, i had a long nightmare over zombies … it’s horrible

Me too. It’s funny how you phrase that i.e. “But I tried so hard”. That’s what I did too. I wouldn’t want to waste a good hit of acid by sitting around listening to the Grateful Dead.

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Sorry @ola. How about leprechauns?


they supper cool :slight_smile: and nasty in afunny way

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Good answer, lol.

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If? They are everywhere🔧

Under the bed?..

No, in streets,

I didn’t see any today.

Look at mirror please or at my face​:wink::kissing_heart:

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