Hmm. Interesting. Is confidence and good self-esteem creeping in?

Yesterday, my 37 year old nephew and his wife of 8 or 9 years had me, my two sisters, our step-mom and my other 27 year old nephew and his girlfriend over for brunch. It wernt well I guess. It had it’s ups and downs. I was enjoying myself and we were all sitting in the front yard talking and I felt pretty comfortable so being the comic genius I am, I was spouting out jokes like water from a broken sprinkler head.

I had met my nephews girlfriend only once about 5 or so months ago. She seemed nice and I liked her I guess and I thought she liked me. But I ventured a joke when someone was talking and I just glanced at her and she gave a big role of her eyes at me. Hell, I was taken aback. I thought she thought I was an as*hole or a jerk or something. So I bowed my head to cover my lost confidence and I felt betrayed. Not solely by her but by everybody. I thought that everybody was cool and nothing was going on but I realized I was in the midst of 8 people with great confidence who had been hiding that they were a lot meaner than they let on and they had been just humoring me for the whole day to make me think that no one was judging me or putting me down. So I got up and stood a little ways away to think about this.

I am often guilty of black & white thinking and I thought I was pretty much destroyed but everybody went on talking and as I was standing a little ways away, I offered a few comments. And within 5 minutes I actually started feeling better and I recovered and started talking again and even offered a couple comments that made people laugh. I avoided looking at the girlfriend but then it dawned on me that maybe she liked me after all but she either didn’t like one joke, or it was no big deal. So life went on, (as it tends to do) and I had a good time. And she still seemed very nice.

I guess Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine, George, and Kramer would love this post. We could call it, " A post about nothing." What do you think?


The “eye roll” :roll_eyes: is an automatic reflex in most teenage girls and it takes some women longer to grow out of this awkward teenage habit than others. Perhaps your nephew’s girl friend was just one of these “eye roll” late bloomers. :smile:


Yeah no one can judge their “audience” correctly 100% of the time and sometimes the jokes will bomb. It doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme.

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I once thought that schizophrenia was the way I was but once I start to recover, I think it’s just an illness and only a part of my life and that it’s not the way I am.

I’m confident and have high self-esteem and this is the real me. Schizophrenia robbed me of them.


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