Hiya newbie here

Hi my name is Ella am 37 from Edinburgh ,Scotland i live with my husband and two cats ninja and tigger
I have OCD , Depression and psychosis ( not sure if its sz or not )
At the moment am finding things hard been to see my psych today and he said its stress that he wants to reduce my medication and see how i go
The voices have been very bad in the last week or so
Am so exhausted with them …With my OCD on top if the psychosis my thoughts obsess about me hurting other people it has gotten so bad that i cant leave the house with out my husband as am scared ill hurt someone
i also don’t like to be touched by strangers am needing a hair cut at the moment and my husband says i should go to the hairdressers and get my hair done but am terrified am going to hurt the women that does it
I could ask my mum to cut my hair but she has problems with her sight
and i could see it wouldn’t have good results
My psych said i may always hear voices that i need to go to a hearing voices groups and i have to learn to live with the voices by using distractions like listening to music on headphones witch i have been doing
my husband is supportive and agrees with my psych
Am also waiting on therapy for my OCD but in the uk and on the NHS its takes about 6 months before i will see anyone and i cant afford to go non NHS

anyway id thought id say hi * waves * :smile:


Hi and welcome :wave: :smiley:
I have schizophrenia, bipolar and OCD, I don’t hear voices any more, I never had medications and I don’t believe in them too…have faith, you can be okay don’t worry :blush:

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Well, hello there Ella. What you will find out about Sz is that it is a journey. We do not all have the same type or combination of “ailments” but plenty of people here have voices just like yours, worse in some cases. That’s gonna be positive for you because your gonna learn a lot of things that figuring out on your own may drive you mad!

If your not the religious type, i suggest you do some thinking about it. It may very well save your life and your sanity. It will, as an added bonus give you concrete ground to stand on mentally, something that will render your voices a bit less powerful… Prayerfully.

Gain as much ground as you can and remember, no matter how much things appear to be like a movie, calm down, you don’t die during the climax!


Hello Ella and welcome. I have about 200 voices though they don’t all speak at once…no they take it in turns to insult me lol. Voices can b very distressing I know so I feel for u on this. U don’t say which meds uv tried so I don’t know if ur treatment resistant or not. I have tried five so far with no luck.Am soon to try a sixth. If ever u feel down about the voices feel free to ininbox me. Who’s voices do u hear? How many have u got? Mine r mostly famous people, but sometimes friends and family and strangers too. Do u believe they r real people reading ur mind? That’s quite a common theme here and we’re more than happy to talk about it. Welcome once again and hope to here from u soon. Xxx

Welcome. I hear voices too. Earphones are very good when going to sleep. I can’t fall asleep without them. The whispering starts at night.

I don’t have a sz diagnose. Last I heared I had schizophreniform. It was 3 years ago. I still need medication. I’ve had about two beginning of episodes/year so far. My pdoc has been thinking bipolar very briefly, but I’m never manic and almost never depressed.

thought i would say hi.
take care

Hi Ella welcome to this forum.

So I can relate to you with your situation with voices. I hear distressing voices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have done for the last 7 years. It has made me a desperate person. But I somehow get by, by trying not to care about what I hear. I’ve changed a bit too.

I hope you can medicate your voice issue successfully.

Thank you all for replying to me
i hear a lot of voices some ok and some bad i dont know how many they are all together some times its sounds like a crowd talking at the some time as each other
Other times its just one voice
i cant remember the names of the drugs i have tried my husband will know what am on and he out at the moment
Am meant to be doing a top secret mission today at the train station but my husband made me promise that i wouldn’t go there he think its too dangerous even thought he don’t know much about the mission
i have to wait until he comes back he is bring my nieces here and my sister up to visit me for a little while
religion I believe that there is a God
the voices are people i dont know so well some times they can pretend to be my husband shoutting at me
and they have pretended to be other people before
Am so tired of the voices

Hello and welcome, waving back

Hi, Ella. I like your name. My voices pushed and pushed me forward. I’ve got it kind of figured out that I’m remembering a car accident where I slammed into the steering wheel. So I try to sit back, relax and pretend I’m just sitting in the car after the accident. This is to relive it in a better way than the original.

Welcome, Ella. I don’t hear voices but I do have violent intrusive thoughts quite often. This forum is full of helpful and supportive people. Post anything. Hope you enjoy your stay here. :smiley:

How did you get the voices to stop without meds?? I would LOVe to be off meds. But trying is a very scary prospect. My voices weren’t nice though and hellish to live through.

Hi Ella, glad you joined the board…there is a lot of supportive members here…sorry you have voices…just be honest and open with your psychiatrist about your fears so he /she can help you find the meds you need…I believe in meds, they are necessary to defeat delusional thinking…hope you find your peace of mind. I don’t hear voices but did when I was delusional. Good luck !

Top secret mission? Sounds intriguing…can u tell us about it maybe? Xxx

My husband keeps telling me that it just in my mind but i really need to do it
i have to swap something for something else an exchange of into from another person but i cant say anymore than that or ill endanger the mission