Hives? 15 char

My left hand just went red and really itchy. The itchiness has eased but the hand is still quite red with several red dots. I’ve read it is usually an allergic reaction but I’ve not touched anything different that might have caused it. I wonder whether stress could do something like that.

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I doubt it. quite sure worst case scenario for stress is dizziness and lung problems. mentions emotional stress.

Maybe you ate something that was different but didn’t realize it or you touched something different.
I’m thinking that it’s more of some sort of allergic reaction of some kind.
When I drank some potent Chinese Green Tea years ago, my upper torso turned red and itchy.
I had to be Hospitalized because my blood pressure rose very high.

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For sure could be stress. No doubt.

My guess is stress or an allergic reaction, but if you haven’t touched anything new that could be an allergen, I’d say stress.