Hitting the clubs this year

i’m going to hit the 80s bar this year with my pals, my friend has had worse luck than me with women, i hope we both find someone, he needs it more, its not just for sex its for fun and makng friends hopefully lasting friendships or more, i’m keeping my fingers crossed for us,

the online thing was just a waste of time and i was kidding myself with my ex thinking it could work again so we’re just friends again.


Okay well good luck to you and your friend. An 80’s bar sounds like a lot of fun.


maybe you’ll get so conceited that a woman will actual like it?

like to see what kind of woman that is.

had to look that word up lol, I’m not a vain person i just like sharing what i’m doing,

i hope it helps people

It’s good to have some fun! Enjoy!

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Dating is tough. Sometimes you have to switch up your modus operandi if it isn’t working. Everyone deserves to be happy. Good things.

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Yeah that’s something I’ve never done.

I love a oldies disco…
Always fun and i love having a jol with the old toppies

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Wow ! That’s uber cool that you have one of those nearby.

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Have fun!! 1515

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I never heard of an 80s bar! Will you dress up? Are you going there on New Years Eve?

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It’s not just for oldies, I heard that there is a good mix of people in there, different age groups

@FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter not for new years but soon I hope and I’ll wear a nice shirt I guess

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