Hitting midnight here... a report

Well things seem pretty quiet on here. So it goes.

I woke up at 4 pm or so… trying to decide if I should allow myself some more coffee.

Ran out of 5htp earlier today. Won’t have tomorrow. So getting totally wired on caffeine would leave me waiting for a come down. That could take hours. All the same… I’ll probably brew some more anyways. Just cleaned the coffee maker today… so it’s all fresh. Typically I’m wondering about the amount mold that has probably developed over time and where it might be located. It messes with my ability to drink the stuff, just psychologically.

Had some lobster macaroni for dinner. Good stuff. Got left overs. My mom took me out. The couple beers I had left me craving alcohol/tobacco for a good hour… but that has passed.

Still trying to curb this need to consume pointless indulgent things… boredom makes it difficult.

Anyways that’s how my night is going. Still have yet to crack “Eden Express” open… Maybe I’ll brew some coffee and get to that. I’m assuming I’ll get sucked in as it should be pretty topical.


It’s nice to read your night report. Here in Nanjing China I am enjoying my midday time. Got up at 9am, so I am not hungry for lunch. Just had a cup of coffee and talked a lot to my friends on QQ , the Chinese Skype. Now I am about to do some English language study. Today is a nice day with a temperature of 30 ℃ and cloudy sky.


Cool good to here from you. I was wondering who might be on right now. Typically it slows down at night.

If you ever want to chat or practice english send me a PM. I’m entering a night owl phase.

Decided to make that coffee

Thank you for your kindness but I prefer to do my grammar exercise following the Textbook. I know it’s boring for a native speaker to do grammar exercise. :smile:

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Midnight??? You should be going asleep!!

Now its almost one! I don’t care though. I’ve got ■■■■ to do lol

Stuff to do at 1 in the morning? Haha. Man im normally in bed at 10-11pm

Well I woke up 9 hours ago. Got at least 5 more left.

Day… night… same ■■■■.

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I’m trying to see if I have my old halo maps I made for odyseuses thread

Can you make your own halo maps? I have played the first halo. None of the others though

From halo reach onward they had this forge mode. Ill find you a good vid

this was the original video from bungie

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My phone wont load the whole video. What is it? Like a map editor?

kind of more like an object placer inside of maps. but that have some big open maps and you can do buildings and stuff

Ahh yeah sweet. Wonder if the new halo game coming out will have something like this

Oh yeah for sure man… they won’t cut out forge

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Hitting some voices here… Don’t know why. I guess it’s cause I’m out of things to do.

Did you have voices on meds out of curiosity?

I hadn’t had voices at all until about 16 hours into my day. I drank a lot of coffee and it ramped up my anxiety/paranoia. When I “acknowledge” my symptoms are there they come back. If I don’t think about they aren’t. Unless there is a strong presence of white noise, but the voices don’t say anything in that condition it’s just some extra white noise.

It’s “telepathy” when I get paranoid about it my mind tries to make it real.

I hit glitches every now and then. I’m kind of stressed in general because I’ve only had 10 dollars for the last couple days. I still have that 10 dollars so I’m kind of relaxed about it.

Just woke up and I’m ranting.

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