Hit Hard by Schizophrenia at Young Age

Schizophrenia symptoms started for me at age 15. I left school then. I have never had a job or a relationship. I think the younger you are hit by schizophrenia the worse your outcome. You never have any experience living as a normal adult. I am on disability pension.


Well yeah the book Surviving Schizophrenia said that a younger onset is more debilitating. I too experienced schizophrenic symptoms at exactly 15 years old. They didn’t know what was wrong with me because I had good scores on standardized tests so therefore I “didn’t have a learning disability” my guidance counselor would tell my mom assuring everything was okay!! When really I was displaying delusions, hearing voices, to go along with disrupted sleep patterns, cognitive ability, school performance, etc… It’s unfair but I’m trying to make the best I could out of this life you know?


I was born this way and tbh I think it’s the reason I’m so well adjusted.


I’ve had symptoms all my life and I would consider myself a successful person.

Its about coping skills and severity of symptoms,

Not onset.


I was diagnosed late in life. I don’t know if it’s better getting diagnosed earlier or later. The result seems to be the same.

I still have some happy memories from my early 20s that I cling to though. But I have horrific memories of my 30s which I wouldn’t have if I’d been diagnosed earlier.

Anyway as @Chess24 is fond of saying, surviving is the first priority.

You’re lucky that you got diagnosed and got treatment.


I hear you man. I’m sorry you got sick so young. I got sick at 21. I should be thankful it wasn’t earlier.


As long as I can remember I’ve had it/had symptoms. People tell me it’s not possible for a child to have it, but then I wonder, why was I having delusions, hallucinations, and hearing voices? They were more severe back then, and only started to calm down last year. It’s getting worse. I sometimes can’t recognize my parents, sometimes I don’t know what’s going on, can’t think or function, can’t eat or take care of myself, etc. I’m always able to take a shower and take care of my pets, just not myself for some reason. I can take my meds but it’s hard since I have a fear of pills.

It’s hard to say this, but I am almost 18 and I can’t take care of myself. Can’t drive, can barely eat, shower, take meds or sleep, can’t function properly and I can’t remember my ZIP, address, what orders the months go, what month it is right now, where I live, etc. Not to mention my father doesn’t help (I’m going to talk to someone today or soon because people on here told me I need to get help because he’s sexually abusing me).

I feel like a failure, I’m not going to lie. I really do. I could never function or do children things. I could never write or read cursive, write correctly, spell, do math, etc. It’s horrible

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I’ve had psychotic symptoms since I was very little, as long as I can remember but mine actually improved over time.

I think it’s an age old argument. Would you rather get sz young and never know what you could have achieved otherwise, or get it when you’re old and lose the life you built for yourself? Personally I’d rather never know what I was missing out on, sort of like how someone born blind doesn’t have the same pain as someone who became blind because they have never known anything different.


I rather get it older. At least have the opportunity of a decent life…


Ive had my symptoms since childhood, and often wondered what it would have been like to have a functioning brain at some point in time

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Same, I became schizophrenic at age 14.

Getting it earlier ,
I can definetly see a lot of issues you are going to face.

21 now and schiz is just a unbelievable struggle , lost a lot, so has my family etc.


I was hit by Schizophrenia at 21. Can we consider it as young age? Now at 45 I am slowly coming out of sz. In some matters I feel that I have a brain of a 21 year old in a 45 year old body.


I don’t mind having sz all my life. I’m 17 now, and had it since a baby. My parents saw my symptoms at a young age too, there’s an informational post about it that I can show you. But no one knew, they just thought I was a bit slower.

I mean personally, I think I’m lucky having it all my life so far. Because I know how to deal with it (for the most part), same with anxiety and depression. Did it suck? Oh yeah. Never experienced a real childhood. Never had any happy memories that I can really think of. Happy memories for me are just little breaks from the pain where I’m focused on something else, and it ends quickly.

But the thing is, my parents realized what’s wrong with me and I’m getting help for jobs and taking care of myself. I really recommend looking into the Skills to pay the bills/DVR. When they give you that class, they help you find a job YOU want, and you don’t need to do an interview, PLUS, they can give you the help and support you need while getting a good job. Really, look into it, it’s awesome.

I will never have a normal life. I will probably never be able to live on my own without help. And no matter what age you develope sz, you lose something. There’s parts of your life you lose, and all you can do about it is focus on the now and get the help you need

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Yes, I have had SzA issues since about age 9. I was quite well until then. :expressionless:

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