History of taking lamictal

I have Schizoaffective disorder and the doctor is adding lamictal to my meds. (risperdol, effexor, ativan) He had tried me on depakote before but I gained 60 pounds and took me off the med.
I want to know how effective the med is and the side effects that people have experienced. Can you help me out?

I have been on Epitec (Lamotrigine/lamictal) for the past 4 years. I use it as a mood stabalizer. You start it off with a low dosage and work it up to the required strength. My psychiatrist told me to be on the look out for a rash if my body rejected the meds but everything went smooth. I’m on 100mg per day together with 30mg of Abilify. It took a few weeks for the Epitec to kick in and it has worked fine for me ever since. I don’t know of any side effects.

I was also on Epitec (lamotrigine) but it didn’t help me. It is a good medication though, and I had no side effects on it that I can remember.

I am on Lamictal now, I have started to go up on it. I will go to 200mg hopefully. It is great for my depression and has controlled mania so far.
So far so good - no real side effects, just the usual

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