Historic day, my weight gain from meds has reached 70 kilos

Finally my weight has stabilized at 137 kilos
I am really happy I thought it would go far more

Weight gain history in 6 years :
Abilify 10 kg+
Risperdal 30+
Rexulti 31 +

Total = 70 kg of full fat

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Can you see a dietitian? 137kg is really unhealthy.

I’m very surprised at that, and with Abilify too.

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to make the Long story short
I tried all sort of meds and diet to reduce my weight gain
It only comes back after a while
I am just too sensitive to these meds I just have to surrender. finally It stabilized
Hope a new med will solve my issue

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That’s FANTASTIC. You get a victory (((hug))) for this success!!!

[ bites ankle as well ]




All jokes aside, stabilizing is an incredible success on its own and it means you’re already 3/4 of the way towards starting to lose those kilos. I hope you feel good about yourself for this.

Well its interesting message me if you need some inspiration anyone! :innocent: god bless and its temporary do not worry ever take care! My weight dropped my dreams came back when i thought neither would happen. This is life sverything is everything do not give up ever in your life!!

I am the luckiest man in history right now…heartbroken many moons ago…went through the system…id rather be me right now with what i have including dreams everThing than any man or woman in the history of the universe. Elon musk eat yozr heart out

Balls heart and brains its about nothing…like seinfeld…its aint about the money its about everything!!

I can relate to your odyss fighting against weight gain. I know that it’s the meds that causes your weight gain and not that you eat to much or the wrong kinds of foods. You see I have eaten very healthy the last 8 years just to get the weight to stabilize and I only eat 1200 kcal per day.


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