Hip hop music

Here it goes. . . In the brain I attack, mortal kombat like kenshi, can he, blinded, blindfolded, I can see but can feel so I can see, I’ll show you my kombat. Might fall down but I’ll come back, Like a tiger in the jungle ready to rumble I pounce. Make the crowd bounce. I got four arms like goro smashing ya! There won’t be no tomorrow! … That’s what I got so far


Do you play mortal Kombat ?

Do you like cardi b?

Yeah I play mortal kombat. Sorry an I don’t know who cardi b is

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here’s mine. I only got 2 lines so far. it’s unfinished it’s been in my head for a couple years now

‘cross the tracks, gonna keep it a secret. got a 20 pound bag and I know where to leave it.’

I was in this phase where I was talking and thinking about the differences between civilizations and cultures when I wrote that. in my world, there were all these rappers who think they made it and got famous who are delusional and just walk around thinking their famous because their work won’t survive. it was just a cultural fad, not something classic or civilized that will stand the test of time…rapping was my dirty little secret I got away with because I knew what it really is

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Sounds good those to lines, maybe think of some sort of story and write some different lines you might be able to add. I have some more lines myself

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Cardi b is a popular female rapper from the Bronx. I like this song

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