Hiking a national trail next month

I am walking 143 km through Wiltshire and Oxfordshire. I have never taken any type of holiday on my own before so it feels like a bit of a big thing for me. I should be able to finish it within 2 weeks and I have just booked the train tickets and time off work for it.


That sounds cool :sunglasses:. You’ll get good exercise hiking that far.

So about 20 km a day?? Where will you sleep?

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A bit less than that it is more like 14 a day or something. I will be staying in hotels and hostels. I was going to go camping but there is only 2 campsites along the way so I thought I would save the weight and just stick to hotels. The thing is in England you cant wild camp so that is out of the question. I would love to do that abroad though it sounds like a lot of fun.

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That will be so good for your soul. I loved hiking before I became afraid to leave the house, and I miss it dearly. I hope you take in all you can. Enjoy!

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Yeah come to the USA hike the Appalachian trail :sunglasses:


That is pretty long from what I am remember. I would probably enjoy it, but I think I would definitely have to build up my fitness before attempting that.

Just checked 2,190 miles.

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Yeah the whole thing is a bit much but some people do it. Some people do half or less. It goes through most of the eastern seaboard in the USA.

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Hiking abroad is definitely on my bucket list though.

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