)))!((( @ )))!((( Hiiilow )))!((( @ )))!(((

No Matter Whatchoo Dew ,

Some One Is Going To Hate It , OR Love It ,

So STOP (!!!) ,

N Such n Such N Such ,

Know Wha e(Y)e’m Sayin Yo (???)

I pity the fool that don’t respect his mama!

Yes, you’re saying that no one can be perfect and you can’t please everyone. I know exactly what you’re saying. Ricky Nelson said it in the seventies with “Garden Party”:
“You can’t please everyone,
So you just have to please yourself”.

EW ,

Garden Party Soundz Groose , Groouseee Mooozeeee ,

EW ,

I Mean Why Eat ALL OV Those Fruits and Shazz (???) ,

Know Wha e(Y)e’m Shayin (?)

but On A Serious Note I Don’t Know Much About Nelson Ricky ,

Bud e(Y)e Apprecieate MANDELA ,

Whatchoo Opinion Yo Yo (?)

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(Wearing moderator hat)

“Garden party” refers to a concert he gave at Madison Square Garden where instead of playing his MANY old hits, he played some new stuff and he got booed. Ricky Nelson was the son of Ozzie and Harriet. If you don’t know who those two are then I can’t help you, lol.
Yeah, Mandela was cool, he had a big hit with “Freebird” in the mid-seventies but they threw him in prison for it. Copyright laws or something like that.

Hmm ,

I Thot ‘FREEBIRD’ Was Written (by) Well , Someone Else ,

Correct Me If e(Y)e’m Wrong Here …

It was originally written and performed by Mandela. I think someone else did a cover of it. Little Stevie Van Zant or somebody.

Hmm ,

Whatevs ,

N E Hoo ,

STEVIE RAY VAGHN Is Betta Betta Betta ,

Whatchoo Think Yo (???)

Yo, yo . I feel you dog, lol. Poor old Stevie Ray is dead.

Think Whatcha Whanna Think Yo ,

He Is and Always Will Be Alive In my Heart ,

Please Enjoi (!!!) ,

(by) (tha) (way) ,

I Think There is A SonggG Called " LITTLE WING " (by) None Other Then JIMI HENDRIX ,

Is Thaz True Dood (???)

No disrespect to Stevie, he was (is) an excellent musician. I’ve never heard of “Little Wing” but when I was in my first group home, the guy who ran it was third cousins with Jimi Hendrix. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, lol. (joke)