Highway or interstate?

I prefer the interstate when taking trips. I went through Kansas once and was told to stick to the interstate, and I took their word for it…

highways seem to have a lot more stops and worse roads. plus the interstates have higher speed limits and more places to stop.

growing up we lived by the interstate, I-275 and it seemed like we were connected to the outside world more so than rural areas. all you have to do is pull out a map and go where you please.

What’s the difference? Always thought they were the same thing. I use I-95 a lot

the interstates typically have more lanes and a shoulder, higher speed limits, more truck traffic. usually they go longer distances. I think I-95 runs all the way to florida. you would most likely save time driving on the interstate.

the interstates have economies that spring up, like restaurants and gas stations to accommodate car traffic at exits. also I think because the interstates have more traffic they get more frequent road work.

I-275 is the most dangerous interstate in the country. Stretching from Tampa to Daytona Beach, there are more crashes per miles driven in the nation.

Many people take US HWY 301 to go from Tampa to Jacksonville, but watch out for speed traps–especially in Lawty.

Edit: I meant I-4 sorry


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