Highs and lows


Schizophrenia, same as most people here.


High: I’m getting some Thai pineapple fried rice for dinner tonight.

Low: I’ve been feeling off and am worried about getting depressed.


High - my kids are happy and fed

Low - I’m feeling depression creeping in on me


High:- I’ve been consistent with my routine and gym. Even though I don’t know the what long term effects these medications have I still want to be as healthy as possible. I’ve been feeling good and my sleep has gotten better since I started Mirtazapine.

Low:- Don’t know what my low is but everything is running smoothly.


Really, you are high functioning aren’t you?


High: played with my son, he gives me joy and love in the hardest times.
Low: still depressed.


High - hockey game tonight

Low - feel depression trying to grab hold and there isn’t much I can do about it


What a brilliant idea for a thread @ninjastar.

My high for the week is that I had a really productive session with my psychologist and am feeling really positive about making a big step forward in my life and applying to do some voluntary work.

My low point is that I am in a lot of (physical) pain from endometriosis which gets me down a bit.


High: I made a yummy tapioca with chicken breast, cheese and creamcheese.

Low: I didn’t do enough physical exercises this week and I didn’t take care of my diet. I’m studying on how to overcome it though.


I don’t like the labels of high and low functioning. I do well with some things, and not so well with others. I have been fortunate enough to find a very effective medication regimen for myself, with minimal side effects. I’ve also learned a lot of tricks and coping skills through years of therapy. I’ve had schizophrenia for sixteen years, and OCD for my whole life, so I’ve spent a long time learning how to overcome mental health struggles.


High: I got my full-spectrum bulb set back up today, and should be feeling the effects within a few days.

Low: I’m feeling pretty depressed, despite having a productive day. I’m annoyed that doing the responsible things didn’t produce the serotonin I was hoping for.


My friend shared with me something scary that she’s been struggling with. It’s sad but I’m proud of her for opening up.

I’m struggling with school really bad! I didn’t think I’d be so horrible at graphic design.


High: watched 30 minutes of an online course I applied.

Low: indecision. I don’t know if I go out with family tomorrow or stay at home in order to finish some important tasks.


High: Mr. Star’s company holiday party was tonight and we got to have a fun night with friends and free food

Low: I hurt my ankle, and wasn’t able to dance as much as I like.


High - being with my family

Low - feeling anxious and not accomplishing a single thing today


High - I got to see my granddaughter for an hour today

Low - the other 23 hours


High: I visited my parents and son.
Low: I hate myself for my self destructive habits, my past promiscuity, and have religious fears over that.


High: I got to visit a friend today

Low: I feel like there is a pressure in my head, and it’s keeping me sleepy all day.


High: I went to church today.

Low: I didn’t do anything else today.


High: Got to really talk to my mom (out of the house) and express all my frustrations and have them validated.

Low: Had to run a bunch of unnecessary errands for my mother in law.