HIghs and Lows of the season

I have been kind of up and down but i was on a high For Christmas day, I think now I am sad that its over now its reached an anticlimax and I’m on a real low now,

New year is coming now and idk what it will bring, mixture of feeling, fear, apprehension and a lot of self doubt,

bummed out atm


Sorry you’re feeling this way @Resilient1

I am also feeling a bit down about the new year… don’t know why. I guess like you said- apprehension.

Baby humans 1st birthday is soon after NYE and I am having mixed emotions about that too


This season is almost always low for me - I’ll be happier when the wretched thing is done with.


well done for doing a year Human :slight_smile: kids are great

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December is the worst time of the year in my opinion, and I’m always eager for new year to begin and holiday makers to leave our beach town and things to go back to normal


I haven’t been on holiday for a long time :frowning:

i’ve written down a list of things that are worrying me at the moment. 14 things so far and they are all pretty big things, figured its better to write them down rather than having them swirl around my head banging into each other.

here is my list of things i am struggling with atm

  • Keyboard- failure to learn
  • Push 2- failure to learn- selling
  • Radio shows- planning interviews- lots of work
  • Music production- Live 11, Splice
  • Live streaming- might be too much for me
  • DJ controller- research
  • Possible other radio venture- unknown- possibly more work
  • Record collection- thinning out- swapping
  • Bad weather
  • Time of year
  • Getting the bus more into my clubhouse
  • Writing more childrens stories- canva- lots of work
  • Chinese presentation- clubhouse asia co-op
  • The cold
  • The monthly zine- editing & publishing

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