Higher Vocational Education?

I have given up the idea of going to the university.

My dream was getting a degree in the medical field. But with this illness it makes it hard for me to theorize. I can’t think abstractly. Also I don’t have much empathy anymore. Being judged for my mental illness made me lose hope for human beings.

I have been looking at a Higher Vocational Education. There is a 2 year programme where you get to specialize as a electric/hybrid car technician.

I think it’s fairly easy to get a job with that type of education.

What do you guys say?


It’s great idea I think :slight_smile: try it and don’t give up!

And I also think it’s easy to find a job with such education.

Don’t know much about such things as electric cars, but I bet the income would be also not bad

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Are you passionate about cars vehicles, have interest? Or it’s just to make money? If it’s your passion then I recommend this path but if it’s only for money then don’t waste your time you will get bored and quit

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No I’m not really passionate about cars. I don’t have a passion.

It’s a good career I think. I don’t care about money. Even though I think the salary is good.

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