Higher dose of abilifiy


Taking 7.5 mg in a couple of days. Happy about that. Hopefully it will help me. I’m also taking 300mg of clozapine.


How does abilify make you feel? I’ve only been taking it for four weeks. I know it works different for everyone.


Don’t have side effects so far. But I’m taking a pretty low dose.


By the way I think you are good at electric guitar. I play the drums.


Thank you. I’m on 10mg a day. I get restlessness from it. Taking walks helps with that but I’m going to bring it up to my psychiatrist when I call him later.


I can play a little bit of drums. I’d like to hear you play one day.


Yeah, hope the medicine works out for you. Who is your favorite drummer?


Mitch mitchell. Not just because he played with Hendrix but because he was an amazing drummer. One of the best. His jazz drumming was soooo good.


oh cool. I don’t play the drums nearly as much as I want to. My depression keeps me from playing. So I’m still like between beginner and intermediate and not playing at a high level. Hopefully some day I will be able to play more and get better. Also when I took around ten mgs of abilify I felt really sick to my stomach so I couldn’t eat or drink. My style of playing the drums is like carter beaufort just to give you an idea how I sound.


Abilify has helped me with the negative symptoms somewhat - it is a partial dopamine agonist which helps to explain this - correct me if I am wrong


I was on double the max dosage (60mg) but changed to a different med.


i also found that it helped somewhat with negative symptoms. not all of them (some got worse after abilify) but my motivation to do academics and socialize with people returned after starting abilify


60 mg of abilify?


Yeah I was told to take 30mg in the morning and at night, but that didn’t do much.


That is the highest dose of abilify I’ve ever heard someone take


i feel like a dose that high is just asking for serious side effects