High tech robots

When we got high tech robots we will be to lazy to tell them to clean the house or send them shopping.


I really like the robot novels that Isaac Asimov wrote. Like Robots of Dawn and books like that.

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Maybe they kill us cause we are a pain in the motoric.

It’s more likely that everyone will be too busy having sex with their 'bots.



When will robots have superior intelligence and conquer us?

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Sadistic robot for sexual fetishes.Reminds me of bender in futurama.

When robots are powerful enough to kill? When i don’t teach the dog to jump it will never make it over the fence.

Maybe in 1000 years, probably never.


I want a robot girlfriend


I think they could have more wit the we beings…!!!

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I want a Xena robot :smiley:

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or robots with attitude.
toasters that refuse to make toast and
fridges that want to chat

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I think they have those already
maybe in japan
that’s a very achievable goal lol

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Sometimes somehow I feel like a obedient robot. It’s painful. Robots don’t feel pain I guess.

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