High mortality

I think schizophrenia has a high mortality rate, because the chemicals produced from stress are deadly. The people here think forcing you to be around stupid sex offenders, acting like they’re heros, will be beneficial. And lying about you all the time, to make the stupid sex offenders, seem like saints. They lie about me all the time, because they want me to live my life for the people, I would least want to be around. They make me listen to phony know-it-alls, who couldn’t tell the truth, if their life depended on it. Their perception of someone who is “right”, (They keep saying, I’m not right), is a phony moron, who tries to turn people into weirdos, to make the phony morons look good.

The heck are you talking about?

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these liars who are always doing illegal things, because they are so threatened by the truth.

What does that have to do with high mortality? Sorry I’m just not understanding.

maybe you mean morality

I think the high mortality of schizophrenia is caused by the high stress, people with schizophrenia experience. Someone else, posted an article, talking about the high mortality of schizophrenia. The phony liars, I have to deal with, just claim they’re criminals. My mother had it, and she was always under stress. People where I’m at, don’t want people to recover. They just want them to have a miserable existence, that makes stupid liars, look good. They are always doing sick things to increase your stress and then lying about it.

My mother died at the age of 75. She didn’t smoke. Her parents lived into their 90’s. I don’t think they had as much stress.

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and now those phony weirdos, who made me homeless, aren’t letting me be in certain buildings anymore, because they want to turn you into a weirdo, so I probably wont be participating in this forum

Hey hang around , why not?

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Are you saying that the stress from the liars is killing you and everyone you come around?

no, just me. Sometimes I think they’re being eliminated. People with schizophrenia.

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