High from exercise from walking

I caught the bus to the chemist yesterday to get more of my medication and then I walked back as I usually do because I didn’t want to wait for the bus back.

I was sweating when I got back and it was a decent amount of exercise. Anyway I felt like a high for maybe 20 minutes after I got back. I have heard people talk of the high from exercise, but I haven’t experienced it for quite a while, especially being on an antipsychotic.

High from walking? :flushed: I didn’t know that was possible. Or did you just feel a little better than usual?

Yes it can give me a high!

I’ve walked for up to 8 hours straight and it’s never made me high. Just tired. But I do feel a tiny, tiny bit high after working out hard for 1.5 hours. It’s nothing like a real high, though. And I’ve never had a runner’s high so I have no idea how that compares to this.

Maybe you just don’t get the highs from exercise. Especially if you haven’t got it from running.

No, I get the “high”. I just think it’s a strong exaggeration to call it a high. It doesn’t compare to drugs at all. And I’m sure I could get the runner’s high if I could stand running for more than 5 minutes. :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But walking… I have no idea how that could give you the “high”.

I believe you though. It’s just strange to me.

Ha ha. Walking does give me a high when I get back after it. I find it fairly exerting. Maybe you are more fit than me! I’m fat as well now, which makes it even more exerting.

I never said it was like taking a street drug. :joy:

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Yeah, maybe it was good exercise for you. I just came back from the gym and feel really good too! Good job, @Prophet! Good job, me! :smile:

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I always get high from exercise.

If I walk for more than 2 hours, I feel a burst of energy and good mood.

When I leave my hot yoga class, I feel freaking amazing.


Do you take an antipsychotic? I assume you don’t. Possibly antipsychotics can reduce the high from exercise. Not sure!

I take 120 mg Geodon and 10 mg Lexapro and 300 mg Wellbutrin. I am highly functional and happy most of the time on this combo.

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Wow that is a full dose. Gives me hope.

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I was thinking you were a female. Because of the name Selene. But is your name Karl? You are a guy? You do Yoga? Not judging or anything.

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Lots of guys do yoga and it is amazing.

I am a girl though, and my name is not karl. But you can call me sleepybug.


OK. My first instinct was right. Thanks.

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Ur so lucky to feel the high I walk distances for like 30-40 minutes and just feel refreshed a bit from being outside.

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