High energy rock music keeps me from wanting to use?


When I crank up Motley Crue or some other hard metal band I feel alive and confident that I am not going to use. I jump around like an idiot and shake my fists while I dance. I feel like powerful when I do this and I get these adrenaline chills all over my body that feels like drugs.? haha…it works for me and keeps me out of bed. !! weird.


i haven’t been playing my “Dark Side of the Moon” CD or my “Animals” CD lately because it brings back too many memories of drugs and drinking. I just started last night to read a book about the story of Motley Crue. So far it’s great.


I get a lot of excitement out of Motley Crue’s first album along with Shout At The Devil. It reminds me of my younger brother whom I miss a whole lot so I think that’s why it makes me feel closer to him when I dance to it. I can’t explain it but I think it’s a good idea not to listen to my “stoner music” too @77nick77 really makes me think about it.