High blood pressure

Anyone know about it?

You should see a doc if you have it. They have meds that will help.

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Was in the psych clinic today they did my blood pressure said it was high and advised me to go to my GP for futher checks

Hmm. . .

Yes, High Blood Pressure.

It Is When Your Blood Pressure Is Higher Than Normal.

Not Lower, Not At It’s Correct Function.

But!, Unusually In The Marked Area Of Being High.

And I’m Not Talking About Marijuana And Getting Stoned.

That Is A Different Thing Altogether.


I have a digital blood pressure monitor here at home and I take my blood pressure occasionally. The vast majority of the time it is normal. A one off high reading isn’t much to worry about but if it is consistently high see your doctor.

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Hmm. . .

Yes, That Is Good Advise @san_pedro.

Although I Think That’s Why He Started Thus Thread @Headspark.

He’s Curious About What His Doctor Said.

Kinda Like That Playful Song.

And The Doctor Said, ‘No More Monkey’s Jumping On The Bed’.

Only Thus Is About Blood Pressure.


Thanks for the good advise

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That sounds right. Good luck man.

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Thanks, hopefully it won’t be too serious

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It’s really easily treatable these days. The only issue you’re likely to have is that the pills that lower your blood pressure will make you dizzy when you first stand up, so you have to learn not to bounce out of a chair if you don’t want to bounce off the floor.

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Three consecutive high readings is what usually constitutes a diagnosis of high blood pressure. But one really high reading will get you referred to a doctor. If your team is telling you to see your doctor you would be wise to make an appointment. It’s part of taking good care of yourself.

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OK thanks

I think you said you had a tripple by pass before?

OK thanks, hopefully it was just a one off reading

Will contact my GP for more tests

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Hmm. . .

Is Your Caffeine Intake Unusually Higher Than Most Who Drink Drinks With Caffeine?.

That Could Be A Clue To Drink Less Caffeine.

For You See, It Can Cause High Blood Pressure.

And If You Drink Soda, (With Caffeine), And Too Much of It. It Can Cause High Blood Pressure.

I Am Not Sure Medically How Or Why Exactly.

But!, It Does Happen.

Do You Like To Drink Drinks With Caffeine @san_pedro?.

Hopefully Thus Question Concerned About Your Health Isn’t Offensive.


No sir. Born with a serious heart issue and have had corrective surgery for it plus multiple pacemaker surgeries.

Hmm. . .

And Don’t Forget Coffee.

That Also Is A Drink That Can Have Caffeine.


Slystic you could be right I drink 3 mugs of coffee every morning 3 teaspoons of coffee in it

Also I smoke about 30 cigs a day

I think i need to cut both on down

Hmm. . .

True That Sounds Unhealthy. @san_pedro

But!, Cigarettes Don’t Have Caffeine That Is A Different Thing Altogether.


Ah ok I was thinking you did mention a heart problem before

Wasn’t sure which issue heart wise

Hmm. . .

Either Way @san_pedro.

Perhaps Quit Smoking Cigarettes.

And Replace Soda And Coffee With Crisp, Clean, Refreshing Water.

And You’ll Be Good To Go.

Good Luck (!!!).


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