Hiding your flaws?

A lot of my life I’ve avoided showing my flaws. I thought I was successful at it but really everyone could see past the surface of things. Instead of trying to erase my flaws now I’m more open to showing them to the world. It’s ok. Acceptance is something I’ve learned lately a lot of. It’s helpful. Maybe you can call this less insecure but it’s something.

I hope u can relate.


I’ve accepted my flaws so dont really hide them

My flaw, at this stage of my life, (late middle age), is that I’m developing very small bald spots on my head that I try to cover up with creative hair brushing.

I think it’s natural to want to hide your flaws. We feel shame or embarrassment over things that others would never even notice if we didn’t tell them.

I hide my flaws in real life.

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I can relate…but deep inside i want to keep my flaws in secret. I think that to hide is the right thing to do. Of course that show it is liberator. But for own good we shouldnt

Yeah, hiding my flaws makes it all worse. I seem to have so many, it drives me crazy.

I see some people showing flaws. But then you have to be strong enough to endure criticism. They are being themselves too. It seems like a reaction to broken relationships to keep most people away. What you see is what you get, kinda thing.

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