Hidden energies of the Earth

Have you ever seen something move without its ability to do so frightening wasn’t it perhaps of ghost or Poltergeist or a figment of your imagination but October is the month that seems to have the most occurrences I’m sure some of you have lived in Old haunted houses we’re in the area where things weren’t quite right put it ever occur to you that because you have schizophrenia you are more prone to realize things are happening around you that are unexplained


I’d agree with that. But it doesn’t seem to be a good thing. It just brings people misery!

I am so traumatised and can’t think straight. Its all BS. Everything got a scientific explanation and is not to blame on unknown powerful forces. Its sz. It looks like most of the planet it infected.

Trigger Warning: (Ghosts, heebie jeebies)

My mom doesn’t remember, but I swear one of the first apartments we moved into in California was haunted.

One time I saw a demon materialize out of the air and it pushed me on the shoulders too.

Yeah, spock and gandalf visited me in my apartment. I met jesus and hitler in person. Its all crap. Apart from the horror i don’t want to share here.

My wife keeps saying there are ghosts. I keep offering her some of my APs as she’s clearly not running at 100%.



I don’t really believe in spirits or ghosts these days. However, there are some things I can’t explain.

At work, there’s room 10, which always has the door open when it’s not being used, which is standard for a massage practice. When I’ve used that room the door will close on its own. I open it back up to leave and it closes again. When I’m in the room with a client that doesn’t happen. It’s only when I’m alone. I’m not afraid. I find it annoying.

Ghosts don’t have a physical body to move a physical door. I can’t explain it though.

When I was a kid, I could swear one time a bowl flew out of the pantry when I was home alone sick from school. Again, something I can’t explain.


Do you think the demon I saw before was all in my mind?

(I’m praying that it was).

I am trying to come off alcohol and recreational drugs and something gives me psychedelics.I think i understand why i want to kill myself.

Sir Level starts brewing the hidden energies of the Earth and then craps his pants

:turtle: :dash:


Karma for the cheap shot shartist.




I’m really not scared by ghosts. They’re just dead people hanging around.

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Starting to attract flags. Nothing special about sz. Closing due to the supernatural bent.