Hidden camera?

So what do you think of using one. The thing is i am missing a hundred dollar bill and my house mates know i didn’t spend it but where did it go :frowning:

My thoughts are maybe i did something with it but i don’t know what or someone who lives here might have took it. I cannot accuse anyone because i do lose things a lot.

Having a camera in my room would have the answer. I think it would be good to have and not tell my housemates so i can know if someone comes into my room. No one should be in my own private room!!!

just wanting to know if anyone uses one or thinks it is a bad idea? I also suspect someone tampering with my food and putting stuff/poison inside it. I am taking my meds but under stress since this is a new place for me to live.

any suggestions on what i should be doing or how you coped with living arrangements.

I think a camera in your room could offend your housemates. It’s like saying you don’t trust them when it could be your very own paranoia or absentmindedness about the $100.00.On the other hand, if they are innocent and have nothing to hide it shouldn’t bother them. But it might alienate them. It depends on a couple factors like how close you guys are, how long you have known each other. But it sends a message, and maybe not a good one.

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I want it to record my self too if that would make a difference. Plus they do make hidden cameras. I will be thinking about it because i might find out that it is me!

My next appointment is February but i might see if i can get in sooner. I am stressed right now.

I have lived on my own for years. I have rented rooms in peoples houses mostly. I have lived in about 4 or 5 different places and every time I move into a new neighbor my doctor prescribes Ativan to deal with the stress of living in a new place with new people. As soon as I get acclimated to my surroundings he takes me off of the Ativan. It usually takes a couple of weeks.

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I hid a camera in my place once when I lived alone. I ended up recording myself… It made me ill to watch myself like that. I had to quit. I was getting paranoid about spying on myself and what if others found the tapes… :scream_cat:

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I don’t know if this is possible but you could switch your door knob for one that takes a key.

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@SurprisedJ, i never thought of it like that O_o

thanks because it would be weird so i will skip the camera :smile:

hmm good idea but instead i will try a locked box and no more cash. From now on everything stays in my bank!

you could even get a safe that woud be really cool.
put a picture over it like in the films .

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I ended up moving back to my old home where i do not have any room mates.It turns out that the woman is a kleptomaniac…

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I’m sorry you lost $100. But now you won’t have to worry about that camera. So your living on your own now?

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I did what you’re thinking of, and it was, for me, a waste of money. The thing hardly ever worked. Plus the most surprising intruder wound up being the images it took of me. I kept saying to myself: “Holy cow. Is that me?” It wasn’t at all what I thought I was.

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Kind of living on my own but there are ghosts and watchers.

I do have family and a social worker to check in with. I have to make phone calls or recieve them.Plus i have a diary/list to write times in.

I got worried about that since i don’t even like my picture taken!

I dont know about using one but I used to search my house for “the bugs”, the hidden cameras and recording devices I believed to be in every room, recording me for TV like that movie The Truman Show.

but why do fireworks and police sirens go off if I wank? We will all end up deaf if I don’t get the correct diagnosis.

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