Hiccups, a side effect of medication?

I’m on risperidone injections once every 2 weeks. I’ve been on it for about 10ish months. About a couple months ago I started noticing I hiccuped a few times in the day. Nothing too irritating but someone told me that hiccups is a sign of brain cancer!? So I had a look for side effects of my medication again and all I could come across in regards to hiccups from my medication was someone on a forum who said they were hiccuping as well, but it was more persistent then say 6-10 times a day which is what I’m experiencing.

Any of you guys get hiccups without a cause such as from drinking something? Do you know if it’s a side effects from your meds?

I think it’s just a late side effect of my medication but I don’t know for sure, it’s been bothering me.


Funny, a number of the typical antipsychotics are used to treat hiccups. I believe Trilofon and Haldol are and I think a few others.

I haven’t been on this medication but I was wondering do you get them after your injection? Or how long after your injections do you get them?

Also if you know the exact medication you can look up most drugs on:

The site also lists generic drugs and gives detailed information on drugs including what happened most when given to a test group of people. I find it pretty reliable, I used it when I went to University of Phoenix online for some research information.

When i first started taking Lorezapam I noticed I had an increase of hiccups but they went away as my body got used to taking the drug. So I do think medication can cause hiccups…even though my doctor told me it was unusual…but I don’t know what else would have caused them all of a sudden and more than normal happenings of it.

I have been on Consta for 6 years and have not noticed an increase in hiccups.