Hi my names barry got now voices 9 all to gever

Hi not had no trouble from them in 7 year but i haed a lot going on and it oll cum bk to bit me i trand me sefe to ceep them in bk of me head a stop sll meds im on naw meds naw but it has takon them 5 muth to do it wot a joke but ther work fin bit i can not sleep i can stay up 4 3 ot 4 day at time lonest is 6 day i tak zopecol thay sed to tak 1 and sit and reylak but im taking 2 or 3 still nuffing sum 1 help got any i ders pls

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Where r u from barry …how old are u my man…???

Hi, welcome to the forum! Are you seeing anyone for your problems?

30 had this sis i was 11

Yer i am but it sim that u just get lost in the sistom naw

Portsomuth and 30 i had it from 11

Where r u from …

If I understand your post, please get back on your meds.