Hi joined today. Merry christmas from Stuttgart, Germany


Hi there, I´m 57 years old and live in the Stuttgart Metropolitan Area in the South of Germany close to the French and Swiss border. I have a graduate degree in business administration and was exchange student at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI in 1980. One of my minor studies was American Society. Fell ill with a seriuos paranoid schizophrenia in 1986 and my psychosis lasted until 2001 when I finally went to a psychiatrist. I´m going to tell you some unbelievable stories about what I did during all those years of a psychosis. Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas.



welcome here peter,

i have found this website very informative about my own condition
and there a lot of shared/tangent planes.
Im curious what you experienced trough your psychosis

merry christmas and all the best wishes


Welcome Peter

That’s a long time for having psychosis. I bet you have interesting stories. I’m curious too.



Merry Christmas … From Asia pacific


You sound like you have quite a story! Welcome, and happy holidays!


Welcome to the forum, Peter! I hope you’ll like it here.

Interested to hear your story.

Happy Holidays!



hi peter, i’d love to here your stories, welcome to the forum x

and merry Christmas to you too :smile:


Welcome. ‘Stuttgart’ caught my eye. When my sister was in the Air Force she was stationed Germany and she often talked about Stuttgart. We’re in the U.S. She said it’s a beautiful place if I remember correctly (this was in the early 80’s.) Me and you are close in age, I’m 52.I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in1980. I guess we will hear from you again.


Welcome Peter. Merry xmas to you too.


I’m sure you have a lot of interesting and fascinating stuff to share. Merry Christmas and hope u have a good one. Well wishes.