Hi, its my new me

Hi, its me still Anna1. its just that I changed laptop :confused: I have windows 7 now, I am not sure ill get used to it, always the illness :smiley:

Welcome back…

thanks :slight_smile: I have new sony vaio and windows 7 but ill put a time to get used to it… Skype is made strange here :/…

Why did you change laptops? Was your old one broken or too old? If you have windows 7 you can upgrade to windows 10 for free. Atleast here in Sweden.

my old one was too old. the keyboard was falling apart in fact… my mom buyed this one with problems already but ill try it. I don’t use my laptops a lot, just few options :slight_smile:

Nice mom. I wish my mom would buy me a new computer! Lol. It will never happen. She does not have a computer her self. She thinks computers are evil.

yeah,she is nice :D… she also thinks that this could be some kind of evil but I live really isolated from everything so she cant refuse me this… but I know, I should act more like an adult one day, I cant count forever on my mom,its not normal I guess :/…

Once you get your own income you need to try to be independent from your mom. Try to cook meals at home. Learn from your mom. Then go buy food togeather. Let her teach you what to look for and how to plan meals. Later on you need to do bills. Learn as much as you can. Then it won’t come as a cold shower when you HAVE TO do it on your own.

yes ok… I already cook for myself sometimes. we live in the same building but not in the same apartment… I don’t know if other schizos were so attached to a relative. my fear makes me scotched to my mom sometimes. for the moment I go with her to buy foods. I am still annoyed to go out alone. I don’t know from where it comes this attitude but it sucks… I am not ready for a family on my own, I want it sometimes but for the moment I try to make peace with my illness and to accept this situation… I feel like autiste also because of my fear of others

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It’s great that you have your own place and at the same time have support from your mom. I have noone to grab when I feel ill. I’m on my own. Husband doesn’t understand it all. Mom wants me off meds.