Hi, I'm new to this website. Anybody wanna chat?

Hi, my name is Fanch and I live in Ireland


Greetings from Western Canada.

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The Irish are always so positive. It’s like…

"I’m having a great day! I only stepped in dog poop in my OLD pair of shoes!! :smile:


Ha ha thats true. I’m not irish, i’m french. but born and raised in ireland. How about you Patrick? Patrick is an irish name!

Greetings! nice to hear from you. charts going on there mr squirrel?

Greetings! nice to hear from you. Whats going on there mr squirrel?

I’m half Scottish/ half Irish…that’s right…I’m a cheap drunk! :wink:

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Welcome to our forum@tikka2000. Is the 2000 a reference to your age? In other words, how old are you? I’ll be 76 next month.

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Chordy is so old, rainbows were in black and white when she was a child! :wink:


Welcome. If you look towards the front @anon39054230 will demonstrate the forum safety protocols. Make sure your keyboard is in the full locked and upright position. If the forum runs out of air. Breathing masks will come down. Don’t worry about the person next to you and apply your own face mask and hide your chair mates for yourself.

This is your captain @ThePoeticSkunk. I hope you have a smooth and steady time here. Our flight time may be addicting and you may develop a sense of connection with multiple passengers. Our in flight movie today is: Normies are not all named Norman.

Thank you for choosing BS-AIR.


Welcome. Glad to have you with us. Thank you for humoring me.


Worked today (I’m an insurance broker). Slept for three hours after work, now awake and contemplating what sort of trouble I can get into on my new, limited range.

Wow. Half and half here, too. Not a cheap drunk, though. I had a bankruptcy at age twenty-three that established just how much I could spend drinking in one evening. Ugh.

Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

This is an awesome cyber hangout.

I live in the US, and I’m typically online a lot late at nighttime, in my time zone.

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Welcome to the forums…I’m from Australia and will usually be on Late night Americas/early morning European. We are the inbetween folks of Asia. Again welcome.

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Welcome from Manitoba, Canada. Hope you enjoy the forum. Lots of really cool and helpful people on here.

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Hey! Welcome to the forum from Sezbot from Australia!

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Welcome. Top of the morning to you mon frair. I’m part Irish and I used to be half drunk most of the time.

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@tikka2000 welcome to this community. Hope you enjoy posting here.

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Welcome to the forum.

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