Hi! I'm new here

Hii! I’m 28 and have been diagnosed for a year now, paranoid schizophrenia, during a major episode where i thought i was the feminine version of god, the reincarnation of isis and the virgin mary, thought i was followed by all of the world’s major secret intelligences, CIA, Interpol, KGB, even talked to my lamps and my computer which i thought were bugged… plus everyone knew who i was but hid it from me because i had to pass the test… Did a lot of things i’m ashamed of and i wont go in detail about it because is still too hard for me to disclose it…Anyway, was hospitalized and diagnosed and for this past year i was just in denial, thought it was just a brief psichosys but well, im not in denial anymore. The symptoms are gone thanks to the medication, i’m going back to school studying tradicional chinese medicine and hopefully there’s a future for me since i pretty much screwed my past.

It was great for me to dicover this forum, all of your posts just helped me get out of the denial fase and feel that i’m not alone. Thanks for reading!

(sorry for the bad grammar, i’m portuguese)


Welcome @Minnii! I know that you will like it here, the members are very supportive :smile:

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Welcome to the forum!!

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Welcome! Their are a lot of jesuses here. I was one. :sunglasses:

Aint life just divine.


Thanks all :smile:

Welcome! You’ll find lots of great support here.

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For just a fleeting moment it happened to me.

They told me right afterwards that it was them in my head.

So thought at random “im jesus” and then someone goes “see, thats how we do that to people.”

The feminine god eh? Supposedly they is feminine, they’ve got both supposedly. They be like a mix, like a guy woman or female man, without the genitalia of course. It even says that they is “the breasted god”. God has boobs proverbially supposedly.

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Yeah, i thought the guy i was seeing at the time was the masculine version.
But i like that idea of the mixed genitalia

Just wanted to say welcome to the forum.

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thought i would say hi.
take care :alien:

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