Hi, I'm new here

I’m from Brazil, 33 years old and I have schizophrenia. Just thought it would be nice to have some interaction with people who suffer the same illness I do. I have had all these things: Tactille hallucinations, night terror, intense fear, megalomania and messianic complex, ilogical thought, heard voices inside my head (internal voices), also had severe amnesia due to taking lots of medications at once (to stop the positive symptons). Please understand my English is not perfect. Thank you and I hope to have some conversations…


Hi my daughter was camp counselor near sau Paulo. Hope you enjoy the boards.

Welcome music. Would love to visit Brazil.


Do you play music? Or just like to listen to it. If so, what type of music do you like?

Music seems to go hand in hand with this Sz affliction…at least for many of the posters on this board I’ve noticed.

You found a place of like minded people. You will fit right in.

You’re English is fine right here. Welcome, You will get lots of support and information here, all you have to do is ask.

hello musicman. i am new here too. if the past 24 hours i have been here are any clue, i would think this place to be very helpful. i have had positive interactions with people here.

thought i would say hi.
take care :deciduous_tree: