Hi, I'm back

Hello everyone,
it’s been a year or two sense I logged into this website. Things were going so well that I forgot that it is good to have the support of people dealing with the same issues…

A little About me: I am a now 30 year old trans woman living with schizoaffective disorder depressive type. I have had that Dx for 3ish years but have dealt with mental illness since age 15. A year ago I moved from TN to Michigan, Detroit area. Due to me being unable to work in my profession (I’m a paramedic) in TN because of discrimination for being trans. Upon moving to MI I got an truly unbelievable supportive job. I kept my schizoaffective disorder a secret thought because of stereotypes and paranoia. The problem was that due to pandemic and insurance I couldn’t find a therapist or psychiatrist… My primary care provider kept prescribe’ing my abilify…
I thought I was doing great and actually bought myself a house a couple of months ago…
Than I finally managed to find a new psychiatrist… The idiot placed me on a low dose of antidepressants, stopped the 25mg abilify cold turkey and wrote a script for a new antipsychotics… And insurance denied to pay for the new medication… So within two weeks I developed severe depression, hallucinations, paranoia, lack of energy, stopped leaving the house, crazy sleep patterns, didn’t get groceries and doordashed every meal, hygiene suffered, didn’t clean, suicidal ideation, homicidal ideation and all around not good stuff… Thanks to the help of a friend I was able to realize I needed help and I checked myself into an ER, who admitted me to a psych hospital. I stayed there 10 days and got out last week Tuesday. I am now on 200 of Zoloft and 40 of latuda plus trazadone for sleep.

I told my HR and managers my diagnosis in the wake of my hospitalization… Fortunately they have been beyond understanding and supportive.

I’m not perfect in my head and probably will never be, but at least I am moving in that direction. It’s tough, I need to work on expanding my social circle and circle of trust (people that know my diagnosis and can help keep me on track), which is rough with some paranoia in the baseline but I’m working on it. Plus I can’t go without psych treatment again, got a new therapist and a new new psychiatrist…

Anyways that’s what has been going on here. Hope your all are doing ok.


Ok, first of all YOU ROCK, but I’m impressed that you’re doing so well despite such adversity. I’ve taken Zoloft for years, no issues, whatever else they proffer, hmmm. Still seems like you’re doing ok, best of luck and all positive vibes


Thank you, I am fortunate to have my disease be relatively mild in comparison is to others, but that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle a lot…


What the Trump was that doctor thinking?

Why was the abilify discontinued?


I’m still not sure what he was thinking… I told him I was feeling depressed and would like an antidepressant and that EVENTUALLY I would like to come off the abilify due to me having gained 60-80lbs… And than he just did it immediately cold turkey…

The visit (first time seeing this psychiatrist) lasted 10 minutes


I have had psychiatrist pull real boners on me like that too. Pisses me off when they can’t be bothered to take the time to get to know what you need


welcome back =)


Welcome back to here not there . I hope you enjoy your stay, but if you don’t just look for the ANY-KEY on your keyboard for it to reset :slight_smile: jk

Welcome back.

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What an inspirational and positive post. I look forward to reading more of your posts Phoenix90.


Welcome back! That’s quite the story. :relaxed: It’s good that you got a new psychiatrist and therapist. And it’s awesome that your employer is/was so understanding.

Cool story.i m sorry to go through this also.welcome back

Thank you everyone

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