Hi I want to ask if anyone has any words of support for this

Congrats on job. What kind of job?

Congrats on weight loss. That’s a substantial amount of weight loss

I’ve tried intermittent fasting but it was a strict version. Maybe stopping eating at 6pm is not too strict. Thanks.

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Starving yourself isn’t a good way to lose weight because it slows your metabolism way down and when you eat you gain all the weight back that’s all I know really


Marketing Officer. Are you having a good night?

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I drink like a LOT of water with my meals because I have a hard time swallowing. It really helps you eat less. I’m getting an endoscopy to see what’s wrong with my throat. Zyprexa makes you eat for love and zyprexa is a flavor enhancer.

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For me it is a battle almost every day. I get hungry, I search for something to eat. I try not to eat. I drink a cup of coffee. Then every day I find something to do and take my mind off of eating.
I accept that my medication has made me overweight. I can’t solve that issue.
I know what is fattening and I try to watch those things.
I think I am 20 or 30 pounds overweight. (9-14kg).
I hope this helps a little.

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Not amazing I relapsed on binge eating.

But it’s not too bad.

Had a strong coffee heading out to work.

What would you do as a marketing officer?

Thanks @Here4You

Strongly suggest signing up at Great free calorie tracker. Helps you be aware of what you’re putting into your body and dial back food intake. Would be happy to support you there as I’m a member.

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Calorie counting has the opposite effect to me but thankyou so much for the support

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Are you drinking water just before you eat? Chugging a large glass of water fills you up and reduces the room for eating the bad stuff.

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I don’t have any advice that hasn’t already been mentioned, but I can offer compassion.
I have similar struggles due to a med change.
I eat and eat and eat and feel hungry shortly after.

I try to limit my portions, have healthy or neutral snacks, keep my bloodsugar stable, and have a warm drink instead of a snack.
But I am still putting on more weight than I’m comfortable with and I feel like an uggo.

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My meds gave me a swallowing disorder. My doctor put me on medication for it, and now I don’t have a problem with it. I’m just letting you know. I didn’t know my psych med caused it, and spent a goodly amount of time being tested, before someone realized it was a side effect. I hope it gets sorted for you.

Not a bad idea. Nope have not been doing this

Oh no sorry to hear that you are in this struggle.

What was the med change?

Yea I need to try and limit my portions too.

It’s a tough challenge

Yeah it was the med change.
I absolutely hate these meds and I have an appointment on monday to hopefully change them

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I’ll be writing tourist packages that are sustainable. Sorry to hear about your binge eating. I’m drinking to much so overweight.

Ugh. I was going through this, too. Thankfully, I just switched, and I can already feel the difference. Hopefully your appointment on Monday goes well!

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