Hi ....i m lacking love in my life?

the problem i think is about cognition
i think my look is bad
so that made me no lady want to love me !!!
except one lady we talked for years every now and then
i thought many times to ask her if she like if we got engaged
but yesterday
i become courageous for the first time and tell her if she like to be in serious relationship with me (engagement )
she said oh no …sorry i see you like my brother
oh my god
i tell her then i will never talk to u untill the year 2250
i originally talk to u becoz i know your single and want someone in my life
i will never talk to u untill the year 2250

so i m living her in egypt good life

but i lack a love in my life and no woman like me or love
may be becoz my look not so good
anyone suggest to me a good solution to my problem
i sometime go crazy and think i must immigrate
may be i get better chance to love and get better life !!!
voices harass me too much and this made me to want to immigrate !!!
thank you
voices hate me i become to hate this country (egypt)
idk where to go …to a foreign country with no job no one know me no one will help me even voices will not stop !!!

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Love is hard but its even harder with sz.


I don’t know much about current Egyptian culture. Maybe you choose to go on a holiday to the country you want to go. I don’t know any Egyptians, you will be an excotic in a foreign land.

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any good suggestion …to get a woman to love me
only one lady …but she consider me her brother !!!
my life is so empty
no one talk to me !!!

Don’t feel that way. U are wonderful. Maybe she doesn’t understand schizophrenia


she dont know anything about my illness
but she see me that way
not as partner !!!

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