Hi i am stanley

good afternoon…I hope to hear more soon as I am getting a new hearing aid. i am deaf in one ear and extremely hearing impaired in the other. i will submit a poem time next. i have to find it on my tablet. stanley


Hey @Stanley.

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Welcome @Stanley :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum, there are lots of people that write poetry on here.

Welcome to the forum!

Hi Stanley, I like poetry.

Hi stanly
I had a freind who using hearing aid
But he was good person and loved among people

Hi. Welcome to the forum.

Hello and welcome @Stanley

Lake Freeway far away into the third valley
you make good company
Sun’s waves, hot as gold in cold hands
Alchemist’s came to collect dross,
Poetry died in her hands with wings broken
gathering up her words to scatter under the Red Oak
When they fell into place where the wind dropped them,
she blew upon them and as the cadenced down
Read simply, “the ground of all being is love”.


G’day and welcome to the forum.

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Hi Stanley! Welcome to the forum!

I like your name, gobeyond. Go beyond schizophrenia. Do you agree?

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Welcome here @Stanley :blush:

Yes that is very good. But go beyond your limits, keep applying your self because a little at a time adds up to a lot over time. I’m convinced that sz is only in half your mind and the other half is sound and can make good decisions. But this causes and sz causes such a battle that few find the way. This is true for my mind anyway.

Yes…I would agree. We are very logical and also have good common sense. stanley

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I like your keyboard do you play? I play some piano myself, a few songs anyway. stanley

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My truck is also named Stanley, cool name dude, welcome aboard

Hi @Stanley!

Hi @Stanley! Welcome aboard! :passenger_ship: