Hi. I am a patient of atypical psychosis

Hi. I am a new member. I am from Turkey. I have been diagnosed with atypical psychosis. It is my 4th year of taking sulpiride.

I was obsessed with religion(muslimism) before i took my medicines. I thought i am a chosen person. Like a prophet. However i have been ok since i first took my meds. I dont take religion into account too much anymore.

Nowadays, actually for about 1.5 years my illness improving although i take my meds. I started to think people are following me, and control my mind with machines from the room above my room becouse of my illness. These unusual thouhts were exist before i went to doctor. I try to handle these thoughts and dont want to increase the count of pills becouse of side affects.

Learning about pschosis and talking with people about it heals my illness a little bit.


Interesting…I have belief at times I am a chosen person too. But not Muslim. More judeo-Christian because those are my two religions in my family. But living in a Muslim country influences your delusion. Nice to meet you.


Nice to meet you too.

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Welcome to the forum!

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Magical thinking is a positive symptom.

Your recognise it’s unusual but you should be telling your treatment team.

Yeah the side effects can be harsh but your doing yourself a disservice. It’s not fun to suffer and getting some help is the right thing to do!

We have all been there …well a large amount of has … put some trust in your doc and get some help.



I thought I was a chosen person because the universe chose me. I got obsessed with scientific theory and thought I was the smartest man on earth…HAHA! Oh how I was wrong. My family and I aren’t religious. It seems it doesn’t matter what you were taught to believe this illness will find a way to manifest. I just found that interesting. Anyway, welcome to the forum. It’s good to hear you are recovering!

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Hi mate, welcome!

I like this forum too.:slight_smile:

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Hello @atypical, good to have you here.

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