Hi hi, I'm new here

I am quite nervous, when it comes to new places or sites and talking to new people some times. But I wanted to find others who share similar quirks and seem fairly accepting despite those quirks.
I haven’t been given a specific diagnosis but I thought since I have a diagnosis of Unspecified Psychosis, that it didn’t really matter.
So anyways, yeah, I have some social anxiety (fear of being judged by others as well) and thought a forum like this could help me become a bit more confident with my own little oddities.
Also, I am medicated but only began treatment a couple weeks ago, so I’m hoping I get better, along with therapy.


Hello, nice to meet you :slight_smile:
I do hope you’ll like it here. This forum has definitely helped me become more at peace with who I am and how my brain works.

Welcome…! :ant:


Welcome Cipher !

Welcome. I have bad social anxiety and fear of judgement as well. Glad you got the help you needed, it gets better with time on the meds and therapy.

That’s what I’m hoping for, I’d love to become comfortable with myself and learn more, as I’m still recovering and of course, a bit confused about how I’m functioning.
Everyone appears to be pretty understanding and considerate here, so I feel less intimidated knowing that.

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Welcome @Cipher.

This is a great place to be.

Hello!! :tada: Welcome! I’m also a newbie here. I’m glad I also found this forum where I could share my experiences as well. Hang in there!

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welcomes to both @Cipher and @xine-san, I hope you two become comfortable here.


Welcome! I found this site when I first started experiencing psychosis. It’s been really helpful so far. There’s so many nice people on here!

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Welcome to the forum @Cipher :slight_smile:

Welcome! You’ve come to the right place.

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@Cipher I was just wondering how treatment is going. you said you are unsure of your recovery.

Well it’s only been a couple weeks but it seems promising? I think I got help just before it would’ve gotten worse, or so I fear it would, as I was becoming a bit more delusional and hallucinated more the longer I went without help. With medication though and support, it’s making it easier to course through this. Some times I do have bouts of scary things (such as seeing things in my periphery moving albeit they aren’t; or hearing voices in my head shortly, racing thoughts count here too) and it’s going to be a bumpy road to recovery I’m sure.


welcome to the club

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Welcome to the coolest part of the internet! You’ll fit right in here! My favorite part about these forums is the way I’m not the weird one in this group. I’m perfectly normal here, and that’s never happened to me before!


Welcome to the forum