Hi guys, trapped indoors today due to Hurricane Ophelia in Ireland :(

I had to cancel my appointment with my GP.

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are you ok is it really horrible? as in blwoing away trees

Yeah it’s wild out there. There have been reports of fallen trees and live electrics on the ground. It’s ubiquitous on the Irish media, radio, tv, internet. It’s the biggest storm apparently in fifty years.

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You so great

You the best

I’m in Dublin. Haven’t gone outside but doesn’t look too bad here.

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Hope you got plenty milk in for hot drinks

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I hope your gonna be ok :frowning: it sounds super scary…

Yeah I just heard about it on the radio. Apparently a woman died after a tree feel over the car she was in. Tough luck…
Be safe Diana_Ross !!

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I just went out for a walk since it has abated in our area. Still windy and there are trees on the road and in one case wires on the pathway outside a local pub. All the cars are driving cautiously. But there are still a few people out and even a man walking his dog so I’m not alone.

I was just watching the evening news here in California and they mentioned the hurricane in Ireland. I immediately thought of you. I hope you’re weathering the storm OK!


A hurricane in Ireland? Oh no! Has that ever happened before in Ireland?

That’s the homeland of my ancestors, but they came over here in the 1800s.

I think we had a Storm Debbie in 1951 and that was the last time a storm had been as severe.

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I hope u alright @Diana_Ross7

I’m ok Magicfish. The weather has passed, the sun is shining, it’s a lovely day.