HI guys, just ramblings late at night - how goes it guys?

It’s 11.33pm…

I’m going to yoga in the morning but i can’t sleeeeeepp!!!

moon is full in 3 days - sometimes my worst rising moon night - it’s a strong moOoooOooon

The yoga is hot yoga and the nearest to me is an 80 min train journey plus 5 - 10 min electric bike to get door to door or door to train to door anyway…

hope all is well with you if you read all that. need to shut down soon… very bored with lying in bed trying to sleep


good to hear from you clouddog. How are you doing writing plays still? I am just listening to music and letting the sun go down. I wish I would do yoga. good for you !

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Hi Juke, nice to see you too…
I went away for a few days to Amsterdam,
wrote a short play based on the nhs
verbatim piece really
entered it into a competition


I wonder if you’ve ever visited the hash bars there in Amsterdam? I’ve always dreamed of doing that. haha…I wish I lived in Colorado.

I did a long time ago

Not for me any more - one is all it takes to set off weeks of crap
stopped age about 20

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well, I’m sorry that had it’s effect on you. sorry for bringing it up. I know a lot of people don’t smoke the stuff.

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No worries,

I gave up a lot of things

i quit smoking cigs

i quit eating sugar

can’t stop breathing in second hand smoke or i can’t see my family

my sister’s alcoholic i normally but not always keep off that too


wow, I wish I could.! I’m just now day 2 without smoking cigs and it’s so hard for me. I stopped drinking because it always makes me want a cigarette. Good for you !

Take a lot of nicotine in, it’s easier…
Inhalators e cigs
My fave was patches because you get on a level with them
And I’ve heard great things from AA

nah, I don’t need AA. I don’t even miss drinking since I still smoke weed. I have nicotine gum and that works for me. I am afraid of vaporizors or e cigs. heard bad things about them. plus I don’t want to always be addicted to the nicotine. After my gums’ gone I’m just gonna’ wing it. I have about two months worth of gum.

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Cute song :slight_smile: 15 characters

Why would vapor be worse than regular tar cigarette? I’m a writer too but my plays are comedy sketches keep me sane.

Wow Daze,

nice to meet another writer!

I write comedy too but more drama, my full length script is mainly a comedy but has a serious element.

I’ve written about 6 shorts and am working on a radio play - which is coming as naturally, but is the only medium for what I’m trying to get at.

How long have you been writing for theatre?

Oh I studied briefly in iowa writers workshop have my own blog now and do just about everything in writing. Goodluck with your endeavors.

I’m sure I could learn from you… a blog is a great tool i feel… don’t know if i work hard enough to warrant starting one… I’d like to get more into writing more, but finding that I have a natural pace, lots of time between edits and I’m self producing my full length play or fundraising anyway

My suggestion. Go from the gum to the patch to nothing. It’s a lot easier to not fail.